Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reggae to Riches

As a disclaimer, today’s blog is not about Jamaican-born music, nor is it a Cinderella fairy-tale. It is about feet.

I seriously love my feet. I don’t mean in a weird, fetish kind of way. Honestly, I find most feet to be repulsive... I just happen to think I have beautiful feet and I enjoy looking at them. I like to think that others do too. Not much makes me happier than a good pair of flip flops – Havaianas, to be exact. I can thank my good friend, Karen for introducing me to the “upper-crust” of flip flops.

As the snow and ice of winter begins to melt away, so does my tolerance for closed shoes. My feet yearn to break free of their canvas and patent leather prisons - to feel the textures of carpet and grass as God intended. The “Spring Unveiling” requires minimal preparation – a simple pedicure, at best. Oh how I love for these stunning tootsies to be pampered in the way they deserve! The jetted tub, the salt rub, the rainbow of polish options… (As an aside, can someone tell me why no one can paint your nails like a Salon Employee can? We’re talking perfection, here.) Hands-down, my color preference is a sleek and shiny hot pink. Not being a girly-girl, this surprises even me. I can’t put my finger on it (or toe?) but there is something about gazing downward to see a bright and cheery pink looking up at you. A good pink says, “I’m sassy AND classy.” The best of both worlds.

Last Thursday, I had a wonderful lunch-time pedicure with my dear friend and co-worker, Crystal. We left work (in our flip flops) and walked two blocks to the Salon. While perusing the options, my eye was immediately drawn to a shimmery purplish pink. Unmistakably in the pink family, it flirted with a gorgeous purple sheen. This was it. The name sealed the deal – Reggae to Riches. This was undoubtedly a bottle of fun! Like a party for my toes. No, no – a treat for the feet! (Seriously, I’m pumped – can you tell?) I watched with attentiveness as my toes blossomed, one by one. With all ten glowing brilliantly, they became a beautiful bouquet. Certainly not something to be shoved into a dark, confining shoe.

So now, my feet are officially ready for summer. They are ready to take me anywhere! I can go anywhere, I can be anything, I can do what I want to do… from Reggae to Riches.
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