Monday, April 30, 2012

Pop-tarts Can Be Choking Hazards

Let me tell you what kind of day this has been... for starters, Monday. Really that's all that needs to be said about this day. To be honest, I wouldn't describe today as "bad", which is really the word that comes to mind when someone says, "Monday." But my Monday has certainly been... all over the place!

It started with the normal agenda: shower / get myself ready / get toddler out of bed / get toddler ready / try to convince toddler that she needs to eat something more than goldfish crackers and fruit snacks for breakfast. You know - the usual.  As has been the norm lately, Miss Aubrey chose a pop-tart for breakfast which, compared to goldfish and fruit snacks, is a completely balanced breakfast in my book. After the second bite of pop-tart, we experienced a bit of a choking dilemma. Nothing overly serious - she was able to recover herself, but it was the worst choking incident we've had in our house to-date. And I'll be perfectly fine if we have nothing worse. ever.  So of course the list of things I needed to do before leaving my house for Bible Study this morning lost any priority when my dear child needed her Mommy to hold her while she finished eating. I was more than happy to oblige.

No sooner was the pop-tart gone, and we needed to dash out the door with a diaper bag, purse, 2 sippy cups, baby doll, glow worm, dinosaur, and bible. Let's not forget 2 bags of chips and 2 gallons of tea and lemonade for the luncheon that was taking place after Bible Study. I loaded these things into my neighbors car - we both attend the study, so we carpool. Then I had to put Aubrey's car seat into the car, and finally I had to put Aubrey into the car. Yessss - I remembered my child!

Flash forward through Bible Study which was wonderful, the luncheon which was delicious, and some playground time for the kiddos before heading home.

Sigh. Out of breath yet?  I was at this point. Even though it was nap time when we got home, I desperately needed to vacuum before Aubrey went to sleep. I couldn't stand to look at the crumbs and pieces of who-knows-what laying on the floor any longer. Vacuum floor. Change poopy diaper. (Potty training is coming SOON.) Nap.

Check. Check. and Check!

Finally, some down time for Momma. I got to check email, peruse Facebook and Pinterest and... breathe. During my down time, I decided to tackle a few to-do's on my list. I lovingly penned two notes of encouragement to volunteers at our Church. I've recently decided that I need to start writing more notes. With a real pen on real paper. Sometimes a note of encouragement or thanks is the best thing you can do for someone!

My second to-do involved looking into pricing of Wills. As in, hubby and I both die - who takes care of our kids? It's something that we've talked about since before Aubrey was born. But we've never DONE anything about it!  After a tragic accident this week that took the life of a 20-year old mother in our community, I decided it was time to check this off the list. Have you made a Will? Do you have any idea how costly a Will can be? Let's just say I was the one having a choking dilemma when I called to speak with a local attorney's office.  So that might be put on the back burner again... at least until we have some extra money laying around.

By this time it was 4pm. I put away some clean laundry and when I came back to the kitchen my gaze fell on the bowl of cereal I had poured at 9am. Untouched. Fortunately I hadn't even been able to pour milk on it, so it was still dry. Sitting there, waiting to be eaten. I figured, why not?  Yes, I will have my bowl of breakfast cereal at 4pm. And I did. And it was delicious.

So... that was MY Monday. How's YOURS been so far?
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