Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stop Running!

I'm currently participating in a women's Bible study at my Church. We're working through Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer. Two weeks in, it's an amazing study full of truths about God's interruptions (ahem, Divine Interventions) in our lives. It really brings to light that the book of Jonah is not about Jonah. Rather, the book of Jonah reveals to us the powerful work that God can do in our lives and the lives of others when we obey Him and follow His lead.
While reading today's lesson titled Nowhere to Hide, I was immediately struck by one sentence: All of God is where you are, every moment of every day. HELLO! For some, this can be a comfort - those that are hurting or are experiencing a season of closeness with Him. For others, those living in disobedience and trying to run from God, it can be a frightening realization. Any Christian knows that God is omnipresent, but when we are trying to avoid a face-to-face encounter we just might try running in the opposite direction. A complete 180. If God has been speaking to you - urging you to change your plans or step out of your comfort zone, don't try to distance yourself from His presence - you'll only be setting yourself up for negative results! God WANTS to let us in on His plans for us. He WANTS us to get excited about the amazing things He will do in our lives and through us - if we only choose to have communion with Him and seek His face. Lets take off our running shoes and have an intimate encounter with The One who made us - He's there, waiting, for the moment you choose to stop running and listen.
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