Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank Heaven For {My} Little Girl

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore my daughter? Well I do. A lot. She has taught me so much about life: loving, letting go of self, sacrifice... the list could go on. And all this in only two (and a half) years!  So to my dearest Aubrey, here are some things that I love about you:

1. Let's start with the obvious - you are beautiful. Inside and out. I am careful not to place too much emphasis on looks - I'd hate for you to grow up with the self-image issues that so many girls/women have (including me, ahem.) But let's face it - you. are. gorgeous. From those baby blues, to the perfect mouth, to the button nose... even down to your toes that you got from Daddy. Never in my dreams did I think God would knit together a child of such beauty. And then  give  her  to  me.

Her Daddy's toes! 

2. You are so smart. Never ceasing to blow me away with a phrase or question, you are observant and so independent - it's easy for you to learn new things (even when they aren't good)! You know all your colors and can count to eleven. You even know some Spanish - thank you, Dora.

3. Your creativity abounds. You love to make "crafts" - coloring, playing with play-doh, anything involving glue. You are constantly singing - many times making up your own songs instead of singing the usual toddler tunes. My heart melts when I hear you singing songs you've learned in Sunday School. "Only a Boy Named David", "Jesus Loves Me", "Deep and Wide"... yes, even when you belt out "Hallelu, Hallelu" in the middle of the grocery store. I especially enjoy your mash-up of Twinkle, Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Happy little artist

4. You LOVE playing with dolls. The collection is growing and until recently, each one was named "Baby". Thankfully we are now branching out to other names with some helpful suggestions from Mommy. To see your nurturing, compassionate spirit come out in your interaction with these babies makes Momma so proud. I am hopeful that you will show this same spirit towards your new baby brother when he arrives in a few months. I have no doubt you will be the best big sister EVER.

Aubrey and "Lolly" - these two are inseparable!

5. You crack me up! These days, there isn't much I laugh about that doesn't involve you. My little comedian - you've got a humorous heart like your Momma, always finding the funny in the every day. You love making faces and being silly. (Mommy loves doing those things with you.) And oh, that laugh! When Daddy gets you giggling, there's no stopping it! I could listen to that laugh forever.

And so, my love, I could go on for a lifetime. Each day I find a new reason to love you. At this point, I can't imagine letting you go - not to school, away to college, to get married. I stop myself from thinking about it because it hurts. But I have to remind myself that you are God's child first. You were brought here for His purpose and I am merely the vessel that He chose to raise you up and care for you. And give you billions of hugs and kisses. I can do nothing but shout thanks and praises to the good Lord who has trusted me with such a wonderful little person. I'm so glad He gave you to me.

Love you with all my heart, Mommy

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