Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration Workshop: Date Night

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Today I'm linking up (for the FIRST time!) at Gussy Sews for her Inspiration Workshop. The prompt this week is DATE NIGHT. What do YOU do for Date Night? Do you have a favorite activity? A favorite outfit to wear? 

Ah, the elusive Date Night. These days, I might liken it to a mythical creature whose existence cannot be proven. 

Unicorn.   Big Foot.   Date Night. 

Matt and me, pre-kids on vacation in Florida

Date Nights have been few and far between in the last two and a half years since our daughter has been born. We typically save nights out for extra special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Even then, we're certainly not fancy about it. One of our favorite places to eat is a local sandwich chain. Occasionally we'll go to the movies, but at this stage in our lives practicality seems to win out and we find it hard to justify spending $20 when we both know we'd be much more comfortable at home on the couch watching a movie from Redbox

So we do spend a lot of time at home -- with our daughter, but I think we're both okay with that. We enjoy family time in the place we have created together. And really, the babe goes to bed at 8:30 and we are night owls, so we get to spend several child-free hours together every evening! {As she gets older, I fully intend on telling her that Mommy and Daddy have pony rides and eat cake when she goes to bed.} 

On a recent evening, after we put our daughter to bed, we went outside and weeded our flower beds together. I LOVED it! The quiet, cool air, lightning bugs floating all around us - two silhouettes working together to create something beautiful. Moments like that mean the world to me. Me and him. Just being together. It's always enough for me. 


While I don't have any favorite outfits to wear when we DO go out, I am an avid hat-wearer. I love me a good hat!  Here are a few of my faves: 

As a general rule, any hat from Goorin Bros. is a good hat. You can never go wrong!

**The preceding opinion is entirely my own. I am not being compensated by Goorin Bros. or anyone else! I simply love their product.  

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