Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Movin' On Up...

Well, we did it.

The big move.

It seemed like it would never get here. Months of work and preparation (mostly on my husband's part) finally paid off. We transitioned my daughter out of the nursery and into a big girl room -- and bed!

As excited as I was to create a new, super-fun place for a little girl to grow up in, I was equally anxious over how receptive she'd be of giving up the familiar comforts of the light green jungle-themed safe haven that she's known since being three weeks old.

Friends, let me tell you this: I worried for nothing. My child is so resilient, so carefree and flexible, saying she was overjoyed about moving into a new room is an understatement. This girl was downright over the MOON!

The only tears involved in this story are my own - those shed on her first night in the big girl bed. It was a shining "Mom Moment" as I like to call them. My tiny baby {who is no longer that tiny} had graduated from the crib and onto bigger and better things.    sniff sniff.

I love this girl's personality and I love her enthusiasm about life!  We are five days in and she is now telling ME when it's time for a nap and time for bed. While I know this will only be a {short} phase, I am savoring these moments!

Let's hear it for easily adaptable children!

The bed!

Chest of drawers and bathroom door

Entry door and custest monkey rug ever.

Bay window and beautiful bench seat (built by my husband and Father-in-law!) 

SO excited to sleep in her new room!

For those of you wondering, the adorable white bird decals on the walls came from the talented Amber Shaw at A Baby Wall on Etsy. She has a huge selection of high-quality products!

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